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Foamy Fanatics Has Been Running Since March 2006
The Site changed Hosts in September 2006 due to bandwidth limits
The Site Then Again Changed Hosts On February 03, 2007 Due To Server Errors From Previous Host!
The Site Has Been On This Host And Had This Domain Since February 2007 And Is Now, April 07, 2007, Sitting At Googles Number 7 Spot For A Search Of "Foamy The Squirrel"
Update: Not Sure Of When It Happened But As Of November 15, 2007, We're Now At Number 5 For "Foamy The Squirrel"
And We're Number 1 For "Foamy The Squirrel Fan Site"
Our Aim Is To Be The Best Foamy The Squirrel Fansite There Is And To Offer As Much As We Can
But This Goal Isn't Easy...
The Cost Of Maintaining The Site Is Getting To Be A Burden
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