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Official Episodes, Special Episodes, Topical Rants and Fan Creations!

Newest Episode
"This Is STILL Awesome (For Squirrels) ... But Not Humans"

Official Foamy The Squirrel Episodes

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Official Episodes Are Numbered Episodes Created By Jonathan Ian Mathers Of
Newest Special
"Halloween Hoopla" with Alt Gorey Ending

Special Foamy The Squirrel Episodes

Special Episodes Are UnNumbered Episodes Created By Jonathan Ian Mathers Of
Newest Rant
Rants Have Been Postponed To Set Aside Time For Episodes

Foamy The Squirrel Topical Rants

Quote Jonathan Ian Mathers:
What the hell is a topical rant? Well, there's so much stuff in the news that pisses me off that it can't all possibly be animated... So, I decided to make random "Topical Rants". It's a simple flash based audio rant about whatever news nonsence is ticking me off. Kinda like the "Hurricane Special" & the "Illegal Immigrant Special"

I'll post one whenever something rubs me the wrong way, so there could be like... 10 a week.... or maybe none... depends on how I feel.

Newest Comic Strip

Foamy The Squirrel Comic Strips

J.I.M. at least at the moment has replaced the unused Rant page with a Comis Strip
Newest Fan Item
"Foamy Soundboard"
By: Friends Of Foamy

Foamy The Squirrel Fan Created Items

Fan Created Items May Consist Of Violence And/Or Nudity In The Form Of Interactive Flash Movies And Games.
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